Friday, September 24, 2010

What's The Difference?

This is the difference between a "hospital managed" birth and a VBAC where the woman is in control of labor and naturally lets birth happen, rather than be given orders. How inspiring!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Beautiful All Natural Hospital VBAC

This wonderful photo slide show of a VBAC that was all natural AND took place in the hospital has taken my breathe away. Especially since I am nearing the end of this journey and have periods of doubt and such, this is just the inspiration that I needed to keep my resolve. I know in my head that this VBA2C is the best for me and the baby... it is just the unknown that is a bit scary.
But, just look at the resolve in her eyes.... it is wonderful, beautiful, and sooooo inspiring! Check out the whole thing here!!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on Miss M

Since Miss M is the reason for this blog I figured that I would give you all a quick update. Last Weds I went for a Level 2 Ultrasound to check on Miss M's little oddities that were discovered at her 20 week anatomy scan. I wasn't really concerned with the findings because a) My quad screen had come back negative for Downs and such, b) It was done in my OB's office not at a real Ultrasound Tech's office, c) My former OB had a tendency to turn pregnancy into a medical emergency so I did my research on what the findings were and knew that they were common. So what were these oddities?

Well Miss M had a small cyst on her brain, a slight dilation of one of her kidneys, and ....the tech couldn't see the top bone in her pinkie.... seriously, her pinkie!

My new (and awesome) OB was most interested in making sure that kidney was not dilated more, he laughed actually at the pinkie thing. And he sent me to an office that only does this sort of thing so that we knew that the findings were more conclusive.

Luckily not only is everything 100% perfect but she is actually growing a little ahead of schedule. Do you see those chubby cheeks?! No wonder I am not gaining any weight, this kiddo is taking all the good stuff! The tech was really cool and I got to see all 4 chambers of her heart working away, her tugging on her cord like it is a dinner bell, and she even got feisty with the tech by kicking the doppler off my belly!

So there ya go... everything is good and on schedule. Maybe this little chipmunk will cook a little faster and be a November baby instead of the December baby she is supposed to be!

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