Sunday, January 9, 2011

1 Month Later.... Miss Moira's Birth Story

(Sorry this is so late folks.... babies don't leave a lot of time for blogging!)

Even though I had planned on VBACing with this baby it turns out that she just wasn't engaged in my pelvis so my OB and I decided to go ahead with a c-section. This was both an easy decision and a really tough decision, if that makes any sense. I felt relieved that there was an end in sight, that my OB had done everything in his power to get this little girl to engage my pelvis, and that this time I was making a very informed decision. But at the same time I was really disappointed because I was so informed and was still ending up in the OR. I had switched from an OB who was so anti-VBAC that she resorted to lying to me, to an OB who was everything a pregnant woman could hope for. I got a doula, read the right books, and worked super hard to encourage the baby to come down. And yet, there I was, looking at yet another surgery.... 
Still, in the end I was ok with the decision because I felt like it was 100% my choice and that I was still giving the baby time to come on her own by waiting a few more days. 

So on Tuesday morning, at 6am, Klint and I arrived at the hospital to get the ball rolling and meet our baby. The surgery was scheduled for 7:30am and everything looked like it was going to go as planned. I got my IV, the appropriate paperwork was signed, and I had been fasting since 10pm the previous evening. All that we needed to do was meet with the anesthesiologist.  But then a hiccup in the plans occurred.... apparently another expecting mommy needed an emergency c-section and they were going to have to bump my delivery to the early afternoon.... not good news for a hungry and anxious pregnant woman!

So Klint and I hung out in a room until the afternoon came and we were given the green light that at 1pm I was going to be rolled into the OR. Ahhhh! Crazy!! After the news came that everyone was all set to go things are a little blurry because of all the emotions going through me at the time.... I was scared of the spinal (I react REALLY badly to any kind of anesthesia), I was excited to finally meet the baby, and I was a little nervous about yet another surgery.

All in all, the surgery started at about 1pm and at exactly 1:30pm Miss Moira Marie Krebs was born into the world! I remember a LOT of pressure around my ribcage to pop her out... not the most pleasant feeling in the world, hearing her cry for the first time, and then the whole unpleasantness of the doc putting me back together. There were some moments where I thought I was going to be sick from all the pulling and tugging sensations, but thankfully Klint helped me stay calm and not pass out from everything. I don't know if I would have made it without his strength by my side. It was so nice knowing that as soon as Moira was weighed that Klint had her and she was with her daddy.

About 30 mins after they got Moira out I was stitched back up and was given the baby to hold while we went to the recovery room for a couple of hours. From there on I was taken to my post postpartum room where I stayed until I was discharged. There is absolutely nothing negative that I can say about any part of my hospital stay, from the nurses who took care of me to the supporting staff. Everyone was kind, compassionate, very skilled, and at no time did I ever feel like a burden or a pain. I was actually so happy with my care that I spoke with the head of nursing to tell her how much I enjoyed my stay and that every single nurse there had my complete gratitude.

So that is Moira Marie Kreb's birth story. A very happy ending to a very eventful pregnancy!! 
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