Friday, July 30, 2010

Catching Up

Obviously a lot has happened in the past few weeks to send me from just going along with what my OB told me to do without question to considering a homebirth or laboring at home until the hospital couldn't section me. I have been blogging about it on my other blog- Creative Bubbles- up until this point.

** The first post, here, is really the smoking gun for this whole thing. I saw the movie The Business of Being Born. I sat there, mouth open, watching my first birth experience happening on TV and realizing that none of it should have happened as it did. I saw women in hospitals, scared out of their minds and drugged up. But I also saw powerful, brave, serene women giving birth so peacefully and confidently.**

I had no idea that birth could be like that. And then my head started going over conversations, or lack there of, that I had with my OB regarding the possibility of a VBAC with AJ and now a VBA2C with this little one. I reeled from the fact that this professional that I trusted and hired had sorely misled me and I had almost let myself be operated on AGAIN for no good reason!

** At my 20 week appointment I tried to talk about my new found knowledge with my OB, posted about here. Needless to say that no matter what, I will never see that doctor again regarding my health. In researching I realized that I had been fed a bunch of scare tactics, as read here, and that they partially worked on my husband and myself.**

So now I have been searching for a new OB, one who will support my decision to VBA2C and will tell me the real risks of both a repeat c-section and a trial of labor. I blogged about it yesterday, here, and today I *think* that I may have found a place for me to have this baby that is safe and supportive... *think*... I am trying not to get my hopes up too high because I have been lied to enough and misled enough. But me, being me, will keep a positive outlook and just know that karma will lead me where I am needed.

UPDATE: I found an OB who clearly states that he supports VBAMC and has patients travel as far as 2 hours away to deliver! I have an appointment on Monday where he will look at my surgery records, look at my scar, and really be honest with me in regards to the risks of me birthing vaginally, which is all I am asking. I am both excited and scared to be excited because I don't want to go in with high hopes that this OB is going to "let" me birth naturally and with as little medical intervention as possible. But at least it is a start!

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