Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Review- "Labor Pain: A Natural Approach for Easing Delivery"

Now that I have my VBA2C doctor in place and know that I am not going to be forced into having an epidural or other pain meds unless I want them, I am reading everything I can about natural childbirth and pain management.

One book that I picked up at the library and am enjoying is "Labor Pain: A Natural Approach to Easing Delivery" by Nicky Wesson.

I like this book because it is very factual and at the same time presents the facts in a way that make it easy to understand, therefore making it easier to make an informed decision about different methods of pain management. The author does not sugar coat the fact that labor hurts, to do so would be slap some rose colored glasses on the reader. However, you are given tools to cope with that pain and listen to it rather than hide it beneath drugs.

The author goes through the various stages of labor from how to tell if you are truly in labor to the end where the placenta is delivered. She talks about the pain medicines available at a hospital, birth plans, labor positions, and so much more.

I really enjoyed reading about various oils that can be soothing for aromatherapy, reflexology, and the benefits of acupuncture for getting labor going. I would highly recommend this book to anyone considering an all natural birth!!

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  1. Have you looked into hypnobirthing Connie? I've always thought that looked interesting.

  2. No I haven't but I have heard a lot about it... definitely something I will be checking out! Thanks!

  3. hey connie...lauren here (from camp). Check out inya mae's guide to natural childbirth...SUCH inspiring stories ( i THINK i spelled her name right) also, another great thing is to do prenatal yoga...keeps ya focused, aware and flexible (all important for birthing). Also, have you guys looked into having a doula? my biggest regret is not having hired one...