Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It CAN be Done!

I have discovered that if you yell loud enough people take notice, whether they agree or disagree. And if you not only stand your ground but use intelligence to wage your wars, your chances of success are that much higher.... but sometimes it is purely luck that is on you side!

Yesterday, I went to my 3rd OB consult in the hopes of finding a supportive OB so that I could have this baby in a hospital but still have the natural VBAC I am hoping for. I had made the decision to have Klint stay at home because I don't know if I could have undone yet another OB's lies and inflated "your baby and you are going to die for sure" statistics. I had tried to talk myself into a mindset of calm, peace, and non-defensive which was hard considering what I have been through thus far... it helped that I was seriously running through the hospital to find this OB's office... I was too out of breathe to be defensive!

After all the phone calls, all the stress, research, worrying, and distrust of the medical community I have finally found an OB. One who not only did not mention a single uterine rupture statistic, (actually that was not even talked about), he did not tell me my chances of failing were high, or that this is a bad decision. What we did talk about are things that pertained specifically to me and my personal birth history- I am short (4'10'') so that may not help BUT he delivered a woman vaginally who was only 4'8'', it was not noted if my previous OB thought that my pelvic bones were too small- bad because he would like to know BUT good thing because it is purely an OB's opinion and opinions like that vary from doc to doc. He looked at my scar- was completely amazed at how "beautifully" it healed, was confidant that my body can progress when it is ready to deliver, refuses to induce births before 42 weeks, AND has witnessed all-natural VBAC's. OMG!!!!!!!

So here is the lesson learned from this experience- DO NOT settle for anything other than what is BEST for you and your baby. There are good OB's out there who will not make you jump through hoops to have a VBAC (aka the 3 Ring Circus VBAC), who are supportive of natural VBACs, and who are confidant in their abilities to keep you and your baby safe. This OB was referred to me by both the local ICAN chapter, a great resource! And even though his name isn't mentioned, this is his patient mentioned who had 3 c-sections prior to finding him and having successful VBACs!

My new OB blew my mind when he said "I am open-minded and flexible as long as you and your baby are safe and well". Isn't that how ALL OB's should be?

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