Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Found My Nurse!

So I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but starting at 31 weeks I have had to go for Non Stress Tests as a "precaution", Usually you only hear about high risk preggos having to go for these, but since my OB is really cautious, apparently having 2 previous c-sections puts me in the high risk category in his book. I complied because the tests are non-invasive and I see it as a chance to develop a relationship with the nurses in L&D.

Well, today that plan worked! There is one nurse in particular that is really nice and was actually offered a job as a doula by a mutual contact of ours, so I know that she is very supportive to a laboring woman. This nurse offered today to come attend my birth, even if she is off, and talked to my OB about it to let him know that she is who I wanted with me at delivery time. All in all, I LOVE her! She is really supportive of my VBA2C and knows that I am planning to go all natural. I am relieved because that takes away my worry of having a nurse that is not supportive and will try to push interventions on me that I don't want.

Even though I hate going to these NSTs because I think that my pregnancy does not warrant them, at least now I can visit with Annie!
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