Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The More I Know the More I am Thinking!

The more I find out now the more I am realizing how different the births of AJ and Gabby should have gone. Honestly it pisses me off! Here is the latest realization concerning AJ's "high heart rate" and her emergency delivery.

Incubated AJ since she was taken out so suddenly
I have been having to go to Labor and Delivery every week for non-stress tests. It has been overall a good experience because I get to know the nurses there and have made good connections. It is a little stressful though because I have noticed that Miss M has a pretty high heart rate and when she gets going it easily is in the 210 range- right where AJ was when the old OB demanded that she come out right now. The first time that Miss M was getting all rowdy and I was seeing these really high heart rates, I started to panic. The nurse came in and she said, "Well, I just got off the phone with Dr. Gingo..." and immediately I thought the worst. BUT then she continued. "He said I wasn't doing a good job positioning you." What?!!!

Apparently, when a pregnant woman is either laying in a bad position or a position that the baby doesn't care for, the heart rate will get elevated and she can't settle down. The nurse also gave me some water and what do you know? Miss M settled down and I was on my way!! Amazing! I had thought for sure that I was going to be wheeled in for an emergency c-section, because that is what happened last time.

Going home! 4 days in the NICU
But now I can look at the facts surrounding what happened with AJ. 1. I was probably dehydrated because I was trying to get through the appointment and get to work. 2. I was sitting flat in a reclining chair with the monitors on. 3. I had never had a NST before so there was no way for the OB to know whether this was normal or not for AJ. And finally, 4. She didn't try to adjust me or anything to get the heart rate lower. In fact, I couldn't see the monitor at all so I have no clue whether the elevation was for a short time or whatnot.

So did I really need that emergency c-section? I don't know... but given the old OB's track record with honestly and such, I know that nothing was done to prevent it before the decision was made. Maybe I did really need to get her out asap... but it putting a pillow under my side and giving me a glass of water calmed Miss M down, maybe it would have done the same for AJ?

Just food for thought!
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  1. yes Connie, kids are very valuable for mom, like you!

  2. sounds like your current OB is not quick to panic (which is good!). i told my midwife about him, by the that she can have him as someone she can refer patients to if she's unable to treat them.